Design Phase: SITE INDEX

College of Design/Rapson Hall

University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN 2001-5
(A collaboration with Prof. Rebecca Krinke, UMN-CALA Faculty)

Left: Design Workshop, College of Design Faculty, Staff and Students.

Center: Final Design Development Plan for Four Gardens and Indexing System for Geologic and Botanical Elements.

Right: Ground-breaking ceremony, West Garden, 2004



Library/Foryer - Rosetta Stone: Polished slab of Duluth Complex gabbro with text and maps, index for other Duluth Complex rock on site. Video work: Study: Inversion2: Dark Matter (Proterozoic/Holocene) II, in lobby (to be determined).

West Garden: Rectangular deciduous tree bosque, indexed Duluth Complex gabrro-slab terrace/mother stone, pine needle paths and cover, bearberry ground cover.

North Garden: Moss covered Duluth Complex gabbro center, Duluth Complex gabbro/metal gabion perimeter, timer controlled high-velocity steam vents.

East Garden: Intersecting lines of native and cultivar Larch trees, indexed Duluth Complex gabrro blocks/mother stone, central raised lawn area, viewing structure for buried concrete crane pad, bearberry ground cover.

South Garden: Fill of Duluth Complex gabbro crushed rock, cast glass reflection reservoirs.


Research Phase; Conceptual Phase; Quarry Site; West Garden Installation; Rapson Group (Geology Text Panels)

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