Rapson Group - Geology Text Panels

College of Design - Rapson Hall

University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN 2001-13

(Panel text created in consultation with the geologist, Carrie Jennings, MNGS and UMN Faculty
SITE INDEX/West Garden done as a collaboration with artist and landscape architect Rebecca Krinke )

Top left & right: Original drawings for Rapson Group brick / copper / concrete / glass installation sites.

Bottom left: Rapson Hall annex / West Garden / view from northwest / SITE INDEX and concrete/copper/glass text installation areas shown.

Bottom right: Rapson Hall annex / West Garden / view from west / concrete text and SITE INDEX tree and anorthositic gabbro slab elements shown.

The Rapson Group Geolgy Text Panels, installed 2013, giving geologic and geographic information about the natural origin of 3 of the 4 primary materials used in the construction of the new and older sections of College of Design, Rapson Hall structure etched directly into each material in-situ. Drawings at top show original sites of brick, copper, concrete and glass installation sites, circa 2007. Final installation of concrete, copper and glass were re-located in proximity of the West Garden and the collaborative piece done with Rebecca Krinke, SITE INDEX, installed 2004, the only garden of 4 planned gardens constructed to date located in four spaces of the Steven Holl designed Rapson Hall annex. Brick text panel was not installed as planned on the orginal Rapson Hall structure. Publication of a document detailing all the research for the panels in the form of a small edition, large-format book is in process. One or more copies of this document will be housed in the College of Design Library at Rapson Hall.


The geologic information for each material-text panel may include: mineralogy, age of original deposit, location of deposit (longitude, latitude, depth altitude or depth, geologic context), holocene transport and depositional/installation characteristics, analysis of metamorphic processes, original and current depositional environment and facies, and other relevant characteristics of the materials and processes in a geologic/anthroturbational context. Geologic laboratory analysis was performed on samples of each material by Katherine Waring and associates at the UC Davis Geology Department (thin sections) and Mineral Labs, Inc., Lakewood, CO. as appropriate for the material: scanning electron microscopy (SEM). energy-dispersive x-ray spectroscopy (EDS) and/or x-ray fluorescence (XRF), or x-ray diffraction (XRD). Laboratory results are available through links for each material below. Mineral Lab Technical Analysis Specifications.


(Material research and data found through links on each material page)

Rapson Group BRICK

Rapson Group COPPER

Rapson Group CONCRETE

Rapson Group GLASS

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