West Garden Installation: Indexed Gabbro Slab Layout

College of Design - Rapson Hall

University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN 2004
(A collaboration with Prof. Rebecca Krinke, UMN-CALA Faculty)

Left: Mesabi Black Slab Layout - West Garden Landscape. Schematic diagram for orientation and etching of longitude, latitude and altitude of each slab
of anorthositic gabbro from Mesabi Black Quarry, Ely, MN(given at an accuracy of .001 degree/second as it existed in the earth at the Mesabi Black Quarry).

Center: Detail image of installation of the indexed slabs showing typical slab with its unique GPS inscription of longitude, latitude and altitude.

Right: UMN-CALA West Garden Slab Layout/Orientation - installation diagram for slab system, designed to abstractly
refer to fallen architecture and act as an entrance and communal site at the north entrance of the west wing of Rapson Hall


Research Phase; Conceptual Phase; Quarry Site; West Garden Installation 2; Rapson Group (Geology Text Panels)

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