Stratigraphic Columns III (San Andreas)

right: Protogaea Civica III (Santa Rosa)

Commisisoned by the Sonoma County Museum, Santa Rosa, CA, for
Force of Nature - 1906 Earthquake Centennial Exhibtion. April-June, 2006

Curated by Patricia Watts

The "east" and "west" columns of Stratigraphic Columns III (San Andreas), each have digitally compressed geologic images from the east and west sides of the San Andreas fault respectively. Continuing the theme of "anthroturbation" examined in other projects, digitally compressed architectural images from the destruction by the 1906 earthquake of San Francisco are included as strata in the columns. The architectural images are shown as positives in the east column and inverted negatives in the west column.

Also commissioned for this show, Protogaea Civica III (Santa Rosa), a geology flag work describing the geology beneath Santa Rosa. The flag image shows the artist (left) and geologist Terry Wright (right) beneath a temporary geologic flag sequence, installed for the opening of the exhibition, describing only the Franciscan Complex beneath Santa Rosa. New flags were installed after the opening of the exhibition with a more complete description of Santa Rosa geology.

Full view of each column; Final Flag Installation; Schematic/Description of Final Flag Configuration

Stratigraphic Column I, 2001; Techno/Sublime - Stratigraphic Column II, 2005; Protogaea Civica I: Protogaea Civica II