Draped Flames I & II - Draped Images

Photo Installation: b&w photograph, support structures, 1996-97.

Left and far right: installation views, Draped Flames I & II, 8 ft. h., angled walls, solo exhibition, Manchester Craftsman's Guild, Pittsburgh, PA, 1996

Center: Draped Images V, aluminum tubes, 12 ft. long b&w photographs, solo exhibition:
The Rising Sea: Images and Constructions from South Florida and Other Selected Works
, Museum of Contemporary Art, Lake Worth, FL. 1998.

Draped Flames I & II, 1996, along with works such as Rotting Flame. 1994, Process Photo Works Series, 1994-95, 51 Million BTU’s/Metabolism Study/C3H8, e-, NaCl, 1991-97, and Pitzer Project..., 1996, represent different approaches at a tranformation and evolution of the ideas, energy and ecology of the kiln/furnace works of the late 1970's - early 1990's into other materials, forms and contexts.
The Draped Images Series, 1996, were somewhat more formal tangents to the kiln/furnace transformations, like Draped Flames I & II, they also had antecedents in earler drawings and studies for large-scale photographic installations that became manifest in works like Slump (Orchard) I & II, 1997-98 and Gradient (Biscayne Giant), 1998, with additional content related to other research and site-relationships.

Rising Sea,,, essay by Robert C. Morgan