Slump (Orchard ) I - Propped Anticline (Orchard) I - Study: Orchard Stack I

B&W photograph, 12 panels, each 96 in. x 48 in, same panels reused in each work, 1997.

Left; Slump (Orchard) I, installed, solo exhibition: Agricola: Four Works, 1994-97, Hartnell College Gallery, Salinas, CA, 1998.

Center: Propped Anticline (Orchard) I, installed, solo exhibition: Terrain into Architecture: Projection and Displacement, Maryland Institute of Art, Baltimore, MD., 1999

Right: Study: Orchard Stack I, studio installation, Oakland, CA, 2000

The first of several investigations of the image of an orchard altered by a geologic process in an architectural context. This use of the orchard image has antecedents in earlier work such as: Orchard of Tears (for Sax Rohmer), 1984 and Study: Wissinger Tomb Furnace/Orchard, 1990,

and is related to the Landscape Projections (for an Unknown Window) series, 1998-2001, and precursor to a second, larger orchard work, Slump (Orchard) II, 1998, as well as Gradient (Biscayne Giant), 1998, and Carbonate Falls (Marsh Lettuce), 1998.

Orchard image shot in large format by Jerry Spagnoli, printed by John Roloff, Oakland, CA studio.