Candlestick Point Environmental Arts Projects

San Francisco, CA 1985-87

This project was primarily the vision of lead artist, Leonard Hunter, who worked with the Parks Department, Arts Commission and Creative Time in NY, to organize and fund artist works and research in the hitherto unused landfill area of Candlestick Point.

Leonard's classes at San Francisco State University, also completed research and projects at this site. They uncovered, among other things, that much of the early landfill in this area was a graveyard of wooden ship hulls, abandoned during the gold rush, sunk and filled with land fill to make this terrain.

The artists worked collaboratively and individually and in coordination with the Parks Department. Due to the ambition of the works and lack of funding most works were either ultimately unfinished or produced in a truncated, prototype form.

Letters on above image desribed below, as best current memory serves:

A - Untitled (Lava Wake) - John Roloff
B -
Title not known - Lisa Hein
C -
Signal Caldera/Shell Flow (Ohlone Shore) (proposal) - John Roloff
D -
Title not known - French artist
E -
Double Rock Island,
Obsidian Terrace (Seabird Caves)... (proposal) - John Roloff
F -
Newgate - David Ireland
G -
Title not known - Martha Swartz, ASLA
H -
Title not known - Unknown artist

I -
Site of a subsequent project - Candlestick Point Cultural Park
George Hargraves and Associates, Mark Mack and Douglas Hollis
This project was concieved and funded separately from the
Candlestick Point Environmental Arts Project.