1994, is a video that documents and considers the collection of sea floor sediment for Deep Gradient/Suspect Terrain.., Yerba Buena Gardens, San Francisco, Ca, 1993 using the fishing boat Pearl hired for the collection. Scrolling over the collection footage is a listing of 121 minerals, elements and rock-types inherent in the sediment collected for Deep Gradient.. from the continental shelf, 4 miles off the coast of central California. This assemblage of materials is potentially derived from the entire watershed that includes the Sacramento, Feather, Napa, Cosumnes, Mokelumne, American, San Joaquin and Merced Rivers. This system empties out through the Golden Gate, and gathers sediment from a landscape that ranges most of the length of the Great Valley, the central and eastern slopes of the Sierra Nevada and much of the Coast Ranges and coastal rocks of Central California.

Videography: John Roloff/Ann Wettrich; Titles/text/editing: John Roloff; Sediment collection: Tim Collins