The Snow Show: Pure Mix



The Snow Show is a unique cultural project that brings together internationally recognised artists and architects to design collaborative installations using snow and ice as their primary materials. In the winter of 2004 these designs were built into an outdoor exhibition that presents a dozen unique constructions.  The Snow Show was curated by New York independent curator Lance Fung together with the director of the Rovaniemi Art Museum Hilkka Liikkanen and in cooperation with the cities of Kemi and Rovaniemi.  The exhibition was open to the public from 12. February through 31. March, 2004 in Kemi and Rovaniemi, Finland.


The collaborative team of architects Diller+Scofidio and artist John Roloff installed for The Snow Show, Pure Mix, an approximately 1000 sq. ft. field or mosaic of frozen designer water "implants" cast into the sea ice of the Kemi harbour.  Each element of the grid is a .75 meter x .75 meter x .33 meter space cut into the harbor ice filled with a specialty/designer water from different international sources, Perrier, Avion, Iranian water, Catholic Church, etc., and allowed to freeze in place temporarily entombed until the spring thaw when the commercialized waters would return back to nature.  Routed into the surface ice of each frozen specimen and filled with snow was each brandŐs commercial logo. In the case of snow accumulation on the mosaic, viewers were able to discover the logos with brooms and layout guides provided on site further evoking the theme of domestication of nature.


Designer waters, through a process of extraction, immersion and ultimately mixing into the sea  become a link between culture and nature and the project site to the external world.   Further allusions are made to purity and contamination of identity and branding; geographical, political, and social mixing; the absurdity of water connoisseurship, climate as an architectural property and the deconstruction of commodity systems.


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