Selected Lectures / Text

Left: Sentient Terrains (Selected Projects) / Graduate Lecture Series / San Francisco Art Institute / San Francisco, CA / November 2, 2012.

Right: Ceramics: Geologic Lens/Systemic Practice / Special Lecture / 2nd Session / 5th International Ceramic Symposium/Ceramics & Ecology /
WOCEF Conference Hall /Ceramic R&D Center / Icheon, Republic of Korea / April, 26 2009.

Over 145 public and visiting artist lectures and/or panels/workshops have been presented in a wide range of institutions from 1974 to the present. From around 2008 to the present have been a concetrated grouping of talks and writings, partially initiated by the work done at the Exploratorium (2008-12) that have investigated a range of conceptual underpinnings and strategies of the oeuvre. Concepts such as: Land within the Sea, Sea within the Land, Sea within the Sea, Land within the Land, Sentient Terrains, as well as a range of ecological and Anthropocene-related positons have been examined and articulated in both lectures as well as writings in a range of formats/venues. A full listing of the talks and writings may be found in the resume on this website.

Exemplary Lecture Videos (links are to Vimeo uploads of the talks):

Sentient Terrains (Selected Projects) / SFAI / San Francisco, CA / 2012 / 54:22:07 HD
The Land within the Sea II / NCECA / Seattle, WA / 2012 / 21:16:07 HD
Paradise Reconsidered (Projects and Research) / Osher Fellowship Talk / Exploratorium / San Francisco, CA / 2008
/ 58:25:40 HD

Exemplary Texts (links are of .pdf and/or web files of the text):

Ceramics: Geologic Lens/Systemic Practice
/ 2009 / Formed the basis of the symposium talk (right image above).
Expanded Landscapes / 2009 / NCECA Journal
Anthropocene Projections / 2014 / Anthropocene Manifesto organized by Tim Collins and others

Additional Texts: Essays & Reviews