Spruce I & II

Photographic installation and proposal 1997-99.

Left: Spruce I, b&w photograph, 12 ft h x 31 in w., x 8 ft d., solo exhibition, Dialogues with Nature, Lance Fung Gallery, New York, NY, 1998

Center: Spruce I, b&w photograph, 8 ft h x 31 in d., x 12 ft w.,solo exhibition, Morphology of Change, Lance Fung Gallery, New York, NY, 1999

Right: Spruce II, colorized photograph, frame and glazing, 20 ft h x 4 ft w. x 8 ft d., proposal for Fitterman Hall, New York, NY, 1997


Part of a series of architecturally integrated photographic works using digitally altered images from nature.


Dialogues with Nature press release