Video Wall Studies/Proposal

Saloon Deck - Staten Island Ferry, New York, NY

Left: Original study for Video Sequence Wall, 2001, proposed for sites on the Saloon Deck directly below the Bridge Deck on each ferry.
864 sequential video-still images, concept and layout by John Roloff, video stills by Werner Klotz.

Right: Secondary study for art work, 2002, developed from the Video Sequence Wall, proposed for sites on the Saloon Deck.
864 video-still images, concept by John Roloff, video stills and layout by Werner Klotz.


The studies for the Video Sequence Wall and related art works were the prototypes for the ink-jet prints of video-still images used in place of Milky Way image in the Sonar Space installation on the ferries.
All video-still images used in the actual ferry installation were shot, composed and printed by Werner Klotz.

Project overview; Sonar Space; Staten Island World Space

Commissioned by the New York Department of Cultural Affairs, Percent for Art Program and the New York City Department of Transportation, New York, NY 2000-06.