Valley Scan

Plan Study: Terrazzo and Image Panels

Woodley Metro Rapid Transitway Station, Van Nuys, California

Shown above are terrazzo floor and enameled steel panels designsfor the project, Valley Scan, Woodley Metro Rapid Transit Station, Van Nuys, California, commissioned by the Metropolitan Transit Authority in Los Angeles. The northwest platorm (upper left) incorporates as its graphic panel a special image designed by the US Geologic Survey showng geologic gravity studies for the San Fernando Valley, the southeast (lower right) incorporates a map published by the California Geologic Survey of the Quaternary geology of the San Fernando Valley.

The terrazzo designs for each platform symbolically portray the concept of an unknown geology and potential events (of a boulder dispersal) from the geologic past of the valley. The illusion of depth is an invitation to look beneath the surface both literally and imaginatively.

Northwest platorm images; Southeast platform images