Felsic/Mafic/Carbonate Facies


Installation: We Remember the Sun, San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA 2008

double-sided frame - steel, plexiglass, digital print on drafting film, image surface/side: 12 ft. x 6 ft. 8 in.


Left, top front side, 2 panels: Study: Greenhouse Inversion – Obsidian Reef/Carbonate Sea, 2006-08

Left, bottom front side, 2 panels: Seventh Climate (Paradise Reconsidered), 2006

Right, top back side, 2 panels: Selected Studies/Concepts: Pier I / Bay San Installation (Transport/Global Warming Analogs) // Tunnel (Metamorphism/Transport Analogs), 2008

Right, bottom back side, 2 panels: If the Sea were Gasoline – It Would Still be Nature, 2006-08

Felsic/Mafic/Carbonate Facies is a constantly evolving, assemblage of conceptual studies and transformations for new projects as well as meditations on existing works.  This series is characterized by strategies employing inversions, intrusions, displacements, assemblages and extended analogies/metaphors, often in geologic parlance, of existing, often predictable, ecological beliefs and systems in order to disrupt, re-cast and extrapolate their epistemological, ontological and associative potential. 

A prime emphasis in this and related studies is the identification of the Anthropocence, the current geologic time period of human agency and natural force, as ultimately indistinguishable from any other natural phenomena. As an example, architecture and the built environment is seen in this context as a phenomenological, geomorphic and lithologic variant of geologic structures and processes.  For the exhibition, We Remember the Sun, a selection from Felsic/Mafic/Carbonate Facies, were presented to give a sense of this study and current emphasis.