Thyroid Portrait / Knights I-VI - Studies: Pituitary Portrait/Knights I-V

Process Photo Works, b&w photograph, orange slices, acrylic sheet, metal frame, silicone, 1995


Left: Thyroid Portrait/Knights I-VI, 32 in. X 32 in.each, early stages of orange reaction with image.

Center: Thyroid Portrait/Knights I, 32 in. X 32 in., intermediate stage of orange reaction with image.

Right: Studies: Pituitary Portrait/Knights I-V, 64 in x 40 in., orange colored paper disks in place of future orange slices and framing.


One of a series of experimental process works using thin orange slices in contact with a photographic surface as an activation element. In this series of portraits the orange slices are positioned at or near where the tyroid or pituitary gland(s) would be on the knight.


Photo Process Works main page; xroloffx2 essay by Mark Bartlett