Holocene Passage

Architectural intervention: approximately 24 ft. (7.4 m) long, wood, glass, moss, open windows, nature
Archivio Emily Harvey, Venice, Italy and the Venice Architectural Biennale, 2002

Left: window, Ruga Dei Spezieri, side of building

Center: Installation view of Holocene Passage, left window in image is side window

Right: window on Ruga Vecchia San Giovanni, front of building.

A variation of Holocene Terrace, 1999, installed at the Lance Fung Gallery in New York, Holocene Passage is a transparent, glass and wood-framed structure open to the weather and lined with a field of moss collected from the forests of Northern Italy. Holocene Passage was installed with the able assistance and irreplacable knowledge of Venice and Italian, of Alan Bowman, gallery director, artist, Mestre, Italy

The properties of the moss may be altered by daily climate change and other natural phenomena through the open windows at either end -- on dry days the moss is a dormant, dullish green color, on moist days, to the extent that weather/moisture can reach within the structure, a more vibrant green.

site view/main page; detail views

press release; opening images 1; opening images 2; article in Italian