Devonian Shale Outcrop - Geologic Map of Portions of Allegany and Steuben Counties, NY State


Left: View of Devonian shale outcrop near Alfred, New York (probably Canadaway Group, Machias Formation, Caneadea Shales) that provided the base material for Devonian Shale: Aquifer I. This outcrop was used in the early part of the 20th century as a source of clay for the production of roof tiles and drainage pipe.

The Devonian Period of the Paleozoic Era is from 350 - 400 million years before the present. This period was characterized by the dominance of fishes and the rise of amphibians.

Right: Map of Pennsylvanian/Devonian stratigraphy surrounding Alfred, New York (center of the map).

Red area: Pottsville Group (50-100 ft., 15-30 m)

Dark Blue area: Conewango Group (450-650 ft., 140-200 m)
Green area: Conneaut Group (250-600 ft., 75-200 m)
Light Blue area: Canadaway Group 700-1200 ft., 210-370 m)
Pink area: Java Group (300-700 ft., 90-210 m)
Yellow areas: West Falls Group (1100-1600 ft., 340-490 m)

Devonian Shale: Aquifer I descriptive essay