Perils in the Sublime / Installation View

Left to right: Kim Dickey / Walter McConnell (plastic enclosure) / Lauren Gallaspy (pedestals/back corner) /
Claire Twomey (table/central middle-ground) / John Roloff (wall image /video) / Neil Forrest (suspended work/right foreground)

Perils in the Sublime / Installation View

Left to right: Lauren Gallaspy (pedestals/left corner) / Walter McConnell (plastic enclosure/forground) / John Roloff (wall images /video)
Claire Twomey (table/central middle-ground) / Neil Forrest (suspended work/right background) / Kim Dickey (right foreground)

Perils in the Sublime

A Poetic Consideration of Ecology, Landscape and Reconstruction

Exhibition and Panel Discussion

Kim Dickey / Neil Forrest / Lauren Gallaspy / Walter McConnell / John Roloff / Claire Twomey
curated by Neil Forrest and John Roloff with Walter McConnell

NCECA 2009 / Phoenix, AZ / ASU Gallery of Design


Perils in the Sublime: A Poetic Consideration of Ecology, Landscape and Reconstruction, was accepted as a high priority project for exhibition in New Orleans NCECA 2008 as an artist's response to Hurricane Katrina.   Due to various un-resolvable issues, NCECA 2008 was moved to Pittsburgh, PA, where again Perils was given important status, but due to the quick timeframe and shifting sites, a suitable venue for it’s exhibition was not found and the project was projected onto the NCECA 2009 schedule in Phoenix, AZ where it finally occurred.  The overarching thematics and intent of the project remained the same in each of the three sites, with new information about the changing venue’s landscape re-contextualized and re-integrated at each step.  The project description for NCECA 2009 in Phoenix:

Perils in the Sublime: A Poetic Consideration of Ecology, Landscape and Reconstruction, Kim Dickey, Neil Forrest, Lauren Gallaspy, John Roloff, Walter McConnell, and Clare Twomey.  The artists in this exhibition address ideas about their relation to landscape, past and present.  "Perils in the Sublime" will reflect upon the dialectics of culture and nature, landscape and history, progress and sublimation.  Moved by the arc of pre-historic Pueblo Grande occupancy to contemporary urbanization, the artists view Phoenix as a city floating above and within an ancient landscape.  It is the growth and collapse of familiar topographies that form the backdrop and subject for the work of the exhibiting artists.  "Perils" provides six perspectives on landscape, substrate and regeneration in this nexus of culture and nature.  The larger lens of the exhibition is set and measured by the genre of landscape art, and aspires to assess the relation of contemporary ceramics to landscape. The apparent politeness of historical representations of landscape in ceramics has given way to increasingly direct conversations that explore attending anxieties as much as the pleasures of landscape.  The NCECA conference hosts the panel Perils in the Sublime with artists Kim Dickey, John Roloff, Clare Twomey and Neil Forrest as moderator.



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